Which Documentation You Need for Compliance with CMMI Certification?

CMMI is the one of the world’s most popular standard for software. The aim of CMMI standard is to achieve better business results by improving quality and predictability of processes. It defines 5 levels of maturity which an organization achieves over period of time. Most of the organizations starting with CMMI face difficulty of assessing compliance to the CMMI Certification requirements specifically for the projects targeted under the scope of assessment.

To compliance with CMMI Certification, organizations must have to design, implement and use development processes defined in CMMI maturity levels and for that they have to prepare and maintain CMMI documentation that confirming requirements of CMMI standards certification.

So, which CMMI Documents do you need to achieve CMMI Level Certification?

CMMI documents

  1. CMMI Manual
  2. Process Flow Chart
  3. CMMI Procedures
  4. Sample Forms and Templates
  5. CMMI Audit Checklist
  6. CMMI Interview Affirmation Questions

The whole process of figuring out what needs to be documented, how to document it, and how all of the CMMI documents ties together can be a struggle, even for people with extensive experience. If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of producing all this documentation, Global Manager Group comes with CMMI Documentation Kit.

CMMI Documentation kit is set of customisable documents templates that will make easier to implement and improve. By using this documentation kit, it enables you to:

  • Easily implement CMMI certification into your organisation
  • Be provided with the documentation for CMMI certification
  • Save months of work
  • Rapidly deploy your project
  • Enjoy a simplified route to implementing best practices of achieving CMMI certification
  • Modify the templates as per your service activity and create own documents for your organization.

Take a Free Demo of CMMI Documentation Kit and see how documents and project tools can help you with your CMMI project.


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